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We are committed to helping you recite the way of our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and transform your recitation so that you may gain sincerity and connection to the book of Allah.

Countdown to New Years and improve your Tajweed

Read the details on this page to learn more about how to register for our workshop so you can learn to recite just like our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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No Worries. This Class Is Open To All Ages From All Backgrounds.

Shaykh Doctor Hasan Abunar


Shaikh Hasan Abunar received his PhD in Tafseer (Exegesis of the Holy Quraan) at the Al-Quraan Al-Kareem University in Umm Durman, Sudan after attaining his Bachelors in Sharia (Islamic Jurisprudence) and his Masters in Uloom-ul-Quraan (Sciences of the Holy Quraan) from Jordan University. He has also memorized, in its entirety, the Holy Quraan with the rules of Tajweed and has a very high chain to Rasulullah (SAW) from Mashayikh of Qiraat.

Shayk Hasan Abu Nar has many published works, including “Easy Forty Ahaadith”, “Tahqeeq Kitaab Al Itqaan Fee Uloom ul Quraan; Al Imam Assouty” and “Surat Al-Araf, Dirasah Maudiah & Tahliliah (An analytical study of Chapter 7 from Quraan)”, to name a few.

Shaikh Abunar has held many esteemed positions in the community, including Imam, Professor, and Lecturer. He has competed in various Qur’an competitions and was awarded First Place in Jordan in 1988 and then represented Jordan in 1989 in the Makkah Competition and was chosen as the best Qari. In 2010, he was chosen to be one of the five judges from around the world to judge the Dubai International Qur’an Competition.

Quran Tajweed WorkShop

If you are looking to accelerate and enhance your recitation, you are in the perfect place! Inshallah, we are going to be covering the main aspects of beautifying your recitation. A beautiful Recitation consists of three;

-Formation of Reciting, known as (Waqf wal Ibtidaa), helps you stop and resume your recitation when in the middle of an (ayah) verse.

-Shaykh Hasan Abu Nar will be covering the rulings (ahkaam) and the articulation point of the letters. He will show live examples of how to apply them in various verses in the Quran.

-Shaykh will cover aspects of controlling and beatifying your voice whilst reciting the Quran and changing pitch(high and low) while giving each letter its due right!

-Shaykh will also cover the aspect of where to stop and start during your recitation in connection with the meaning of the Quran because starting from the wrong place or stopping at a wrong place can lead to changing the meaning of the Quran. Many of the shaykh consider this topic half of tajweed knowledge!

How will the class be structured?

-On Thursdays and Sundays every week of Ramadan, a total of 8 sessions

-From 5-6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time USA

– The class will be on Zoom so you will be able to interact with the Shaykh. He will be calling out names and asking questions.

-The Zoom session will be recorded so you can go back if you want to review what you have learned or if you miss a couple minutes of the session!

What Are You Supposed to Achieve during The Course?

✔️Reciting The Quran With Proper Recitation.
Inshallah you will be aware of the mistakes and errors you make. You will now know how to apply the rules of tajweed according to the proper method of our prophet.

✔️Knowing How to Read Beautifully
After the completion of the course, you will now be able to know when to raise your pitch whilst reciting, what type of tone to use on any Ayah ie. the ayah of punishment reading with a certain tone and the ayah of Jannah reading with a specific tone, and lastly knowing how keep a good form of recitation if one wasn’t given a natural voice.

✔️Knowing Where to Stop and Resume When Reciting
You will now know the basic rules on when to pause between a verse, what consists of a bad pause which could nullify your recitation, when to resume in a middle of a verse properly and MORE!

✔️The Privilege of Getting to Recite to The Shaykh
You will be able to recite to the Shaykh live and he will correct you and tell you where to improve. You will be able to apply whatever you’ve learnt and experience the life time change on your recitation.

YES! You read it RIGHT!! Upon attending the course and completing the eight deep sessions with the Shaykh, you will get a certificate for attending the course and completing it.

Student Testimonials
Here Out What Shaykh Hasan Abunar’s Students Have to Say About Him.

Ahmed Burhan
Sheikh Hasan AbuNar is not the typical Quran teacher! I’ve built a more stronger bond with him because the sheikh is so understanding and has an amazing character. Every time I sit with him, I learn something new about life in this Dunya and the next! May Allah bless him and grant him the highest level of Paradise.
Huzaifah Siddiqui
Without Shaykh Hasan Abunar I wouldn’t be where I am at today. Alhamdulillah, Shaykh Hasan introduced me to a whole new realm of reciting the Quran. Not only are his level of characteristics excellence, but subhanallah his recitation makes you closer to Allah (SWT). Every time I am with him, I learn a lot.

Oh Allah, I’M In! How Can I Attend The Class And Recite The Way of Our Beloved Prophet?

To be able to attend this class and Recite beautifully like how it was taught by the Prophet, here are the three steps:

1) You must purchase the course through the link below. This link will direct you to the purchase page where you can follow the steps thru and purchase the course. Make Sure to click the link right below!


2) Once you’ve signed up and purchased the course, we will get a confirmation and receipt of purchase.

3) Within a few hours, we will personally email you to congratulate you, welcome you on board, send you the details on how to attend the live classes within the comfort of your home and start setting you up with everything.
**NOTE: Please also check your email’s spam folder if you haven’t received an email from us within 24 hours of sending the receipt.**

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