O believers, support Allah and He (SWT) will support your benevolent pursuits

Addressing the spiritual, emotional, social, and physical needs of our Muslim neighbors in the New York City Metro Area, our mission is to protect the Ummah from the chains of this Dunya. With rising inflation, a worsening recession, and crime on the rise, people of all religions and cultures are being plagued by distractions, challenges, deceptions, and deep frustrations that take them further from their goals and purpose. We are making it easier and more affordable to access the Sunnahs of Rasoul’Allah ﷺ in person and online by using traditional and/ or innovative online and in-person techniques to get you the results you need for your family and community. Our scholars, directors, and members are committed to educating everyone about Islam, its importance in society, and how it can transform society one act of worship at a time. It’s time to contribute all we can to help people rich and poor, wherever they are, united beyond race color, and religion, and on the mission to serve Allah and help the needy.

Nikka Marriage + Walima
NYS Licensed Marriage Officiants are ready to help you to enjoy a personal narrative with an Islamic perspective. Offering pre-marriage counseling to set your expectations right and help you customize the memories that you’ll create together, insha’Allah!

Chaplaincy Service for Brothers and Sisters
As Certified Members of the New York State Chaplain Task Force, we are ready to visit you or your loved ones in the hospital, correction centers, and wherever you need us, no matter your faith or skin color… in English, Urdu, Arabic, and Bangledeshi.

Donate, Charity & Food Bank
Help us give away meals at our Food Bank as well as cemetery plots and funeral services to those needy people of all different income brackets who apply for and are accepted into our financial aid program.


Public prayer areas in hospitals, airports, and office buildings.
Let’s come together and take care of the Musalla prayer areas in hospitals, airports, and pubic office buildings. Keeping them clean and well-maintained is an opportunity to deepen our example of Islam. Having a small library full of Quranic texts and Umrah guidebooks can help us all get closer to our faith.
With enough effort, focus, and resources, all is possible. So, if you’re feeling generous, please help through donation, every gesture counts! Together, let’s make sure these beloved sanctuaries stay spotless, cozy, and uplifting!

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